Teaching pupils with Moderate Learning difficulties

  • In some schools breakfast and lunch clubs appear to be effective.  Pupils are paired with volunteers from higher ability classes.  Special libraries of graded books are used and pupils work their way through them.  Records are kept and pupils/tutors make a note for each book read.  Certificates and progress awards are presented.
  • To teach spelling use techniques like finding the little words in the big one, breaking words into syllables, clapping the rhythm to work out syllables.
  • When writing Education Plans make the targets specific and related to general reading, writing, spelling tasks needed in all cross-curricular areas, e,g, improving certain aspects of punctuation, learning high frequency words, writing a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Useful techniques

Picking out key words/key facts in a written piece of information
Brainstorming/Mind Mapping
Subject dictionaries
Word walls
Cloze procedure
Matching activities