Textbooks and teaching materials

Reading Wolf Hill series. Suitable for older children with Reading difficulties. levels 1 -5
Literacy Scheme for Specific Learning Difficulties Lifeboat authors Ellis & Davison. Contact http://www.robinswoodpress.com/main/index.php
Listening Skills Jean Gilliam De Gaetano Pubished by Winslow
Look, Listen, Think Prim-Ed
Listen, Think & Do 1 & 2 Each pack contains photocopiable exercises together with CDs. Organisational skills are encouraged by ensuring that the pupils listen and check that they’re on the correct page and have the correct materials. Each exercise gives instructions that progress in difficulty
£29.99 each or £54.90 for 2 http://www.dyslexia-inst.org.uk/
World of Science – Special Needs (SEN) Copymasters Graham Booth, Bob McDuell, and John Sears O.U.P
Second Chance Readers Specially developed phonic reading scheme and fun activities. Sample downloads available at http://www.jjeducational.co.uk/
Photocopiable booklets in basic literacy, numeracy and spelling. Also literacy challenge for secondary pupils. www.eprint.co.uk
Language Master Cards http://www.language-master.co.uk/
Mind Games Program for Dyslexia, suitable for 7 -17 years. Starter Pack available from 08453306550http://www.ukdyslexialive.co.uk/shopping/mind_games/index.html
Cards, Games, Songs etc. http://www.dotolearn.com
Concentration Grids, Word Attack sheets, Flip Cards etc. http://www.iol.ie/~askeabns/discipli.htm
Magnetic Phonics Stimulating way to encourage pupils to blend and segment words. Includes magnetic whiteboard and worksheets. Educational Printing Service Ltd.
The Text Checker This device is a set of cards which attach to your key ring and allow you to check the language level of any text for your pupils. http://www.tic1.co.uk/
List of Acronyms Some commonly used acronyms in education
Lifeboat Scheme designed by a respected team of SEN professionals for dyslexic children, this unique literacy resource has proved an enormous success across a wide range of literacy teaching applications. includes sample lessons.
Maths Power of 2 http://www.powerof2.co.uk/intro.html
Talking Dice Talking Dice is available in 16 different topics and colour coded. Topics include hobbies, pets, weather, transport, clothes, snacks, drinks, people, school, body parts, furniture, accommodation, occupations, in my pencil case, sports and extreme sports. Each dice, e.g. clothes, has the following six illustrations, one on each side; trousers, teeshirt, a pair of socks, a pair of trainers, a cap and a jumper. The dice are good for oral language, story telling, memory recall, sequencing and creative writing.

Talking Dice are available from Carroll Educational Supplies, Dublin. Phone 01-4567279. Each topic consists of six dice and costs 11 euro. Variety sets of one dice from each topic are also available.

Flexitables These are 20cm moulded plastic number squares which exploit visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning for maths. www.flexitable.co.uk
Teaching Clocks Wooden clock with removeable hands and numbers. www.toy-choice.co.uk/qd_Wooden_Toys.html

Cloxi has two dials, one for minutes and one for hours. http://www.ideasun.com/cloxi.php

EasyLearn Photocopiable Teaching Materials for Special Needs EasyLearn 01636 830242www.easylearn.co.uk
Easywriter Pencils A triangular shaped pencil which helps children adopt the correct grip http://www.ideasun.com/easyriter.php
Yoropen Various types of pen to help with finger support, grip etc. also for left-handed users. http://yoropen.colespenco.com/main.html