The role of the Educational Psychologist (RoI)

The National Educational Psychology Service(NEPS) for schools was set up with the intention of providing a service to help schools assess and deliver appropriate education to children with special educational needs.

From 2002 the NEPS Model of Service intends to provide a consultative and assessment role and also participate in support and development work within educational psychology.  From September 2002 their three step model for casework will be increasingly used and evaluated in schools.

Schools will be allocated an educational psychologist who will be available for support and consultation.  At present, however, there is a shortage of educational psychologists and schools have only been funded for an average of 2 children per year to be assessed for resource support.  However, parents can decide to go privately for assessment and the Department of Education and Science will normally uphold the findings by providing support if recommended.

If a child is referred for assessment by an educational psychologist this must be done through a formal request.  Parents, teachers and relevant professionals will meet with the educational psychologist and discussions will take place to gather all relevant information.  Formal psychological testing may take place using various tests including WISC.  The department will look at the results and determine whether or not a child needs resource teaching and is therefore classified as having Special Educational Needs.

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