The role of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) Is responsible for:

  • the day to day operation of the school’s SEN policy
  • answering requests for advice from teachers
  • the co-ordination of provision, including liaison with all teachers involved
  • maintaining SEN register for all pupils with special needs.
  • establishing and contributing to SEN inset training
  • liaison with external agencies
  • and should keep written notes of all correspondence, tests and contacts with parents and other parties.

When a child is identified (Stage 1) the SENCO should :

  • ensure child is placed on register.
  • help and advise the class teacher on assessing the child

At Stage 2 the SENCO :

  • is primarily responsible for assessing, planning, monitoring and reviewing child’s provision and progress.
  • should consult with outside agencies involved with the child.
  • with the classroom teacher, should draw up an Education Plan (EP)

At Stage 3 the SENCO:

  • still takes a leading role but shares responsibility for the child with the external specialist services.
  • should inform the ELB when a child moves to stage 3.
  • will work with the external specialists and the classroom teacher to draw up a new EP for the child, considering different teaching approaches, support materials and ICT.
  • will make arrangements for monitoring progress against the EP, and will arrange a review of progress, usually within a term.

At Stage 4 the SENCO:

  • will be asked for details of the assessment of, and provision for the child’s special needs during his time at the school.

At Stage 5 the SENCO:

  • or the class teacher, will be required to attend the annual review of a statemented child.
  • will be asked by the principal to provide written information about the child.
  • should, after the review, receive a report summarizing outcomes and targets for the coming year.

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