Case Study: Dyslexia

Eamonn is nine and on psychologist’s tests appears to be of average ability.  He did score low though on tests which measure his auditory sequential memory.  Eamonn hears and can use individual sounds but has trouble blending them together.  He needs to have regular practise using onset and rhyming activities.

Image of ABC
In class Eamonn’s teacher complains that he doesn’t listen or pay attention.  He has a limited sight vocabulary.  He does not take time to study words and will guess the word from the context or from the initial sound.

He has major problems with spelling, confusing fish as fhis and on as no, most as mots etc. If Eamon tries to sound a word he can often do it with the initial sound but if he is asked to repeat it without initial sound he cannot, e.g He can sound ‘boat’ but without the ‘b’ he has great difficulty. Eamon enjoys using the computer.

Report of the Task Group on Dyslexia

Recommendations on educational provision for children and young people with autism in the North and Republic of Ireland