Exploring Irish and Northern-Irish Primary Teachers’ Understanding and Experiences of Teaching History Empathy in History Education: A Cross-Sectoral Study

Ref: 02/19/2024 - 3202020
Name: Dr Patricia Kennon
Email Address: patricia.kennon@mu.ie
Phone Number: +353872108744
Institution Address: Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education, Maynooth University
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

This comparative, collaborative study seeks to explore Irish and Northern-Irish primary teachers’ understanding of historical empathy and experiences of teaching historical empathy as part of History Education in primary schools. Historical empathy involves successful reconstruction of the beliefs, values, goals, and attendant feelings of people in the past (Donnelly and Sharp, 2020). The findings from this mixed-methods project will help inform History Education curriculum design
and pedagogy in an evolving policy context for Primary Curriculum and History Education in both jurisdictions, and will be pertinent and beneficial
for History Education; primary education; teacher education; social-justice education; educational policy; and educational practice.