John Coolahan Award 2019

John Coolahan Award

In recognition of John’s contribution to the foundation of SCoTENS, the John Coolahan award is made to the authors of the Seed Funding Report which is recognised to be most in line with the values and ideals of SCoTENS.  This award is awarded annually at the SCoTENS Annual Conference.

Through his pioneering work on SCoTENS since 2003 John immeasurably enhanced cross-border cooperation in teacher education, such that the SCoTENS mission is synonymous with his name.  Thanks to John’s vision, teacher educators, student teachers, serving teachers and doctoral students have learned to work across boundaries, to build bridges and to recognise common interests and challenges facing contemporary education on both sides of the border. The opportunities provided for cross-border working through SCoTENS have yielded new knowledge and understandings that shape daily practices and attitudes.

Professor Paul Miller presented the winning John Coolahan Award to Shauna McGill and Lorraine Harbison for their Report –  Universal Design for Learning as a context for Embedding Technology in Primary School Mathematics

17 10 2019 
SCoTENS Conference 2019
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