Student Activity Area

In this area we will publish the work of student teachers and their pupils.  If you have any materials which you would like to share we would be delighted to receive them.

Numeracy activity to help pupils deal with bills The Weakest Link

Integration of Environmental education, ICT and Art for pupils with Behavioural and Emotional Difficulties Autumn

This is the second lesson in a series based on animals, beginning with cave paintings Colour Theory and Mixed Media

Block printing with a mixed ability class Print Making

Creative textile work with pupils who have physical disabilities The Sea

Introducing gears and mechanics to low ability Year 12 class. (15/16 year olds) Gears and Mechanics

A geography lesson on the countries and capital cities of the British Isles The British Isles

Observational drawing with a challenging class Print Making

One lesson of a scheme of work based in the workshop where safety and behaviour is a major issue Balancing Toy Manufacture

This lesson involves soldering components on a circuit board LED Clock

Investigating and realising work with a mixed ability class 2D, 3D drawing, lettering and self-portraits

A lesson which deals with aspects and types of music which are associated with each country Music of the British Isles

Part of a scheme of work related to Cultures and Celebrations Christmas Cakes