Webinar exploring childhoods in the North and South of Ireland post-partition in the period 1921-1931.



Conceptualisations and constructs of children and childhood are temporally and contextually grounded. This webinar will use an article exploring childhoods North and South post-partition in the period 1921-1931, recently published in the British Educational Research Journal, as a spring-board from which to explore the concept of contested childhoods across borders and boundaries. The seminar will feature inputs from a SCoTENS-funded research collective from Maynooth University and Stranmillis University College, Belfast.

The webinar will be of interest to those from a wide range of disciplines including pedagogy (early childhood and primary), history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc.

Discussion will be facilitated by Prof Nóirín Hayes, Visiting Professor, Trinity College Dublin and Prof Seán Farren, Visiting Professor University of Ulster. If possible, please read the article in advance of the seminar to maximise engagement.

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